Blind is a Tuscan band born in 2016 from the meeting of Andrea Betulanti, Piero Giotti, Giancarlo
Rossi and Andrea Fregoli. After the first few weeks of improvisation and research, the project's
address was clearly outlined. The guidelines have always been the inspiration, the content and the
emotional message to be conveyed taking care of every little musical detail and beyond, using every
kind and useful style. After a few months Luca di Pardo replaced Andrea Fregoli on drums and he
composed and recorded the drums of the disc and after an exhausting search Dimitri Ponzuoli arrived
on keyboards and synthesizers.
Currently on the drums is Matteo Carrai, former Sushi Rain and manager of Labella Studio.
After composing twenty songs we chose, for the first disc and for the live, a lineup of 11 pieces that
could tell in a single trip many emotional scenarios, stories and atmospheres that range, like the
audience we turn to, between rock, prog and something more psychedelic and imaginative. After the
production of the disc we are setting up the live and a small release tour edited in every minimum
aspect, from the back projections to the lights to the choreographies, in order to make the fruition of
the songs pleasant and understandable even for those who do not speak English.
The choice of English is due both to musicality and to the awareness that our music has, potentially, a
mostly non-national audience.